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Avoid accidents with Protek Flange protection caps


RX® Protek flange protection caps are specially designed to prevent accidents by the leaking of dangerous media.

voorkom lekkageWithin the management of factories, safety and environmental issues provoke more and more attention. Emission and leakages are aspects of this which need to be prevented. In this framework governments give a licence under the Nuisance act for factories. It is very possible that this licence refers to an extra “blow-out” prevention for pipe-systems in which dangerous media (steam, chemicals) can be found. Such media leakages can lead to personal damage. As an example, think of the consequences if a spouter with sulphuric acid starts, and a colleague walks underneath such a pipe!

The RX® Protek flange protection cap catches the media and prevents such dangerous situations. The cap (cover, cord or ring) is placed fully around the flange connection so the medium can leak unhindered. The cap can be made, depending on media and application, of various materials, for example self-discolouring PE-cloth up to PTFE, PP and stainless steel. There are also special designs to wrap up valves and/or hoses. Several can be supplied from stock.

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