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ERIKS RX® Firechem®

RX FirechemLinks

ERIKS RX® Firechem®

Fire safety for all chemical products, explosive and flammable

RX® Firechem® Flange Gasket

The innovative material combination of pure exfoliated graphite (min 98%), reinforced with stretched stainless steel, and expanded PTFE. RX®Firechem® complies with the strongest requirements of the FIRE-safe test ISO 10497 and can also be placed in contact with the most versatile, aggressive and flammable chemicals. RX®Firechem® solves the problematic combination of high chemical resistance and fire security, required by the SEVESO directive.


  • Resistant to all media in the range 0 to 14 pH. At the exception of molten alkali, fluor and fluorinated gasses particularly at high pressures and high pressures.
  • Ideal for worth flange conditions.
  • Excellent results where low bolt loads are available for instance in low pressure class flanges.

Delivery standards

Can be manufactured in all dimensions and forms: Standards to EN1514-1, EN12560. Non-standard as frames, oval manhole, heat-exchanger gaskets and all complicated shapes. Can be produced in very short time. Tolerances to DIN 7715-5-M.

Fire safe ISO 10497 (replaces BS6755, API 607)

DVGW: Natural gas

KTW : potable water

BAM: Oxygen

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