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Essential maintenance products of ERIKS


To check installations on working, assembling and disassembling components, ERIKS offers a large number of maintenance products for all areas of the industry.

A selection of our programme:

  • puller and thruster for gland-packing
  • leak detector spray
  • degreaser
  • liquid seal
  • assembling glue, glues
  • lubricants for bolts, bearings etc.
  • gland-packing cutters
  • gasket cutters
  • thread tape (graphite and GASTEC tape)

Handy blister packages for the maintenance mechanic

ERIKS supplies gland-packings for the maintenance of valves and pumps also in blister packages. These handy packages are very suitable for a maintenance mechanic to carry around and use on the job.

The following gland-packings can be supplied in blister packages:

  • HAMAR 626, the universal gland-packing for valves and pump rods
  • HAMAR 628 (GFO) for pumps
  • HAMAR 642, for applications with fluctuations of the shaft (mixers)
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