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Metal gaskets with countless applications in DIN and ANSI

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Metallic and semi-metallic gaskets

ERIKS has a very broad assortment of (semi) metallic gaskets. These gaskets are often used in systems where there is high pressure and/or high temperature. Because of the high demands for safety (construction flange/seal not blown-out) the seal has to be very good qualitatively.

ERIKS has been supplying very good spiral wound gaskets by Flexitallic. The assortment we have on stock is;

  • with or without inner ring
  • various materials (graphite and PTFE filling)
  • for ANSI and DIN flanges

Furthermore ERIKS has many sizes of Ring Type Joints in stock, like R, RX® and BX. These gaskets, which are often used in gas explorations (offshore) are all produced according to the highest standard (PSL-4) and where applicable are provided with an API-monogram. The increasingly used camprofile gaskets are also a stock item at ERIKS. Camprofiles are supplied standard in SS316 with graphite layer, for ANSI and DIN flanges. Special sizes are made very quickly at Flexitallic or even faster at our production plant at ERIKS Rijnmond. Here, spiral wound gaskets and camprofiles are manufactured under licence of Flexitallic which guarantees a high standard of quality.

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