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Sealing and insulating at high temperatures

High temperatures have special demands from gaskets and insulating materials. ERIKS offers basic materials under the names isoGLAS, isoKERAM and isoTHERM.

The three types have several designs:

  • cloth (possibly with a coating on one or both sides), as sheet and on roll
  • cord, round or square, turned and braided
  • tape; ladder tape and braided
  • special shapes of textile, or in the shape of pressed fibres

ERIKS uses isoTHERM of different temperature classes for a variety of applications.

Some specific examples from the seals and insulating material programme for high temperatures:

ISOtherm 800 Packings

Ideal for static applications in ovens, boilers, chimneys and inspection holes.

ISOtherm 1000 safety (welding) blanket

Very suitable for maintenance, repair and construction work.

Special application of insulating material: ISOGLAS fire-blanket

The isoGLAS fire-blanket is available in a striking box. It is of major importance to place this lifesaving item at a variety of locations within your company.

Advantages of ISOTHERM:

  • the fibres give no skin irritation
  • environmental-friendly because the fibre provides no healthrisk
  • user-friendly because the ISOtherm products are very supple and changeable
  • various designs and temperature ranges offer numerous specific applications
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