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Use ERIKS Fluo-Red insert gaskets


Together with major end user companies and the manufacturer Frenzelit, ERIKS have developed a sheet that is safety critical. It concerns a “temporary gasket” which is necessary for the pressing of flanges and pipe parts. The new insert gasket is provided with a handle and is made out of a fibre gasket. It comes in the striking colour red.

For the closing off of flange connections during a turnaround or factory stop the so-called “insert pans” are often placed. This makes it possible to press certain parts of the system.  Often “original” expensive gaskets are used which are removed after the pressing. These are often spiral wound gaskets, which need some space so they can be built in between flanges. For the extra insert-gasket only a limited space is left. Thinner graphite gaskets are often used for this. A big danger is that after testing, this gasket is not exchanged by the original so that the “temporary” gasket is no longer noticed. When restarting an installation this can lead to dangerous situations in which the “temporary” gasket is blown out, with all its consequences.

ERIKS Fluo-Red gaskets are made with a handle, which sticks out of the flange and and is manufactured in a striking red colour. This means that the gasket is always noticeable. The handle is a handy aid when assembling or disassembling the gasket. That is why Fluo-Reds are easy to remove and leave no dirt on the flanges. They do not need to be cleaned again. Under normal circumstances, when hydro-testing with cold water the ERIKS Fluo-Red gasket can work up to pressures of 70bar. We stamp the Fluo-red stickgasket in all standard sizes according to ANSI and DIN in own production, through which faster deliveries are guaranteed. Different sizes are produced on our water-jets.

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