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Flange products

Protek flensbeschermingskappen RX® Protek Flangeprotection Caps
Several types of Flange protection caps in diffrent materials. Protection against unsafe situations, like blow out, leakage chemicals.
studbolts and nutsStudbolts and NutsStudbolts and nuts in inch- and metric sizes. In B7, B8, 8.8. and all kinds off other materials. Also deliverable with coateing.
lekzoeksprayLeaksprayLeakspray to check tightness flangegasket.
tools to cut gaskets Tools to cut gasketsTools to cut flange gaskets. Handtool, Fripa cutter, die-cutting knife set and spar parts.
sealant Liquid Sealant
Hylomar sealant. In tubeor spray. Durapress easy handling. Even on difficult places, can be used upsite down. Economical in use.
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