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Insulation Materials

Many insulation products are used in the processing and machinery industry and also in the assembly (welding) industry. Whether you require cord, tape, fabric, sheet or stamped parts, ERIKS has the solution. The new generation is in accordance with the latest environmental and health requirements.

Allglas GK1/GP1/GP2/GP125 dry packing braided from continuous filament 'E' glass yarn., for static use till +550 °C. Isotherm 800 braided glassfiber cord, temperature up to 700 °C, peak 800 °C. To be used as filler, thermal isolation, or as oven door or autoclave sealing. . The GP2: flexible and elastic. the GP125 for bigger dimensions. Only per roll.
Glassfiber woven, temperature up to +550 °C. Only per roll
doek-plaat-dekenFabric / sheet / blanket
Isoplan 1000 Greenline thermical isolation sheet. With bio mineral fibres. Up to  +1000 °C. Isotherm high temperature welding blankets for protection against sparks.
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