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Metallic rings

There are many applications within industry which require metallic rings, including applications for very low leakage, high temperature and high pressure. Metallic O-rings, Helicoflex® and other specially turned or stamped rings are extremely suitable for this.

Section TypeDescription
Solid mateal flat gasket for use on high pressure/temperature apploications. Requires smooth flange faces and high compressive surface pressures

Lens rings have a spherical surface and has to be used with conical flange faces modified from EN 1092-1 flanges in accordance to DIN 2696.

Same application fields as M1 but needs less bolt force.
Suitable for small metallic pipe connections.

O-ring section high precision gasket.
For high pressure, temperature and aggressive chemical products.
Low bolting force needed. "

Diamond shape. Low bolting force needed.

Metal O-ring for high pressures, high temperatures, high vaccuum, aggressive media, gasses.  O-ring with possible plating and or gass filled . EMO-I for internal pressure, EMO-O for external pressure.

Metal C-ring for high pressures, high temperatures, high vaccuum, aggressive media, gasses.  C-ring with possible plating. EMC-I for internal pressure, EMC-O for external pressure.

Helicoflex seals are made from a metal spring and a metal cladding. The spring is incapsulated in 2 claddings made from a soft metal. Extreamly fit for high temperatures and pressures. Good recovery. For critical applications.

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