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RX® Protek Flange protection

RX Protek uni PP-bandRX® PROTEK UNI PP-bankStandard roll length for all widths is 50 meter. The required length can be cut from the roll.
RX Protek kap type SSRRX® PROTEK kap type SSRSprayout-safety-ring. Circular cover with adjustable locking clip and flange fitting internal slotted ridge.  Material Polypropylene, temperature -40C to +130 ºC. Chemical resistant, weatherproof, UV stabilised, suitable for outdoor use.
RX Protek type ECRX® PROTEK type ECFlexible cover made from self colouring Polyethylene (PE). Easy to assemble via draw-cord. The protective material is designed to change colour should there be a leak giving early indication of maintenance.
RX Protek type ARRX® PROTEK type ARFlexible cover made from PVC with early leak detection-patch. Easy to assemble via draw-cord.  The leak detection-patch can be replaced separately.
RX Protek type AHRX® PROTEK type AHCover made from transparent PTFE. Easy to assemble and can be re-used. Sizes available upon request.
RX Protek type ATRX® PROTEK type ATCover made from transparent PTFE with leak detection-patch. Easy to assemble and can be re-used.
RX Protek type ASRX® PROTEK type ASFlexible cover made from white PTFE with leak detection-patch. Easy to assemble via draw-cord and secured with Velcro® locking straps. Can be used more than once and leak detection patch can be replaced separately. Also available without PH-indicator (type AP)
RX Protek type SCRX® PROTEK type SCMetallic cover with buckle locking. Inside cover has SS-mesh to dissipate pressure release in a controlled manor.
RX Protek type MGRX® PROTEK type MGHeavy duty metal cover. Complete with drain for collecting leaking liquid giving zero contamination. Adaptable to high pressure services.
RX Protek type SRMRX® PROTEK type SRMMetal cover with a special profiled strips that prevents high pressure discharge. Complete with quick coupling device. Datasheet with dimensions available.
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