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Semi-metallic corrugated Flange Gaskets

Soft gasket protected by a metal jacket named "eyelet". Prevents erosion of the gasket material when turbulent flow is present. Can prevent diffusion of gas through the body of the gasket material.
Filler material enclosed in a double metal jacket. Open at the outside diameter.

Filler material is completely enclosed in a double metal jacket that covers both inside and outside diameters. Ideal for applications like boilers, heat exchangers, and similar applications.
Completely closed, with open gap, oval section.

Similar to type Z9 but with additional corrugated surfaces. More resilient. Needs less clamping force. Better performance in cycling temperature.

Corrugations provide multi contact with the flange facing. Good in cycling temperature.

Same as type G2 with facing of soft gasket material. Relatively light bolting force is required. Good for flange faces in bad condition.

Ideal for high temperature and big diameters. The fibre cords can be graphited for more sealing.
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