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RX_fibre_PT20_tumbRX® PT20
RX® PT20 datasheet (1404kB)
RX® Fibre PT20 is a composit of mineral- and aramid fibres with NBR binder. Can be used in a wide range of non-aggressive media like
air, water, oils, grease and mild acids.
Color: Blue
RX-PT-50RX® PT50
RX® PT50 datasheet (340kB)

Compressed aramid fibres with NBR binder. Economic gasket material for general purpose liquid and gaseous applications. Suitable for low pressure and low temperature, air, water, oil, mild acids
RX_fibre_PT60_tumbRX® PT60
RX® PT60
datasheet (61kB)

RX® Fibre PT60 is a composite of glass and aramide fibres with NBR
binder. Excellent Universal gasket for several (chemical) industries.
Color: Green
RX-PT-50Novapress Basic
The gasket material for all standard applications with medium pressure and - temperature. The starter material into the flat gasket market. This quality offers an extremely positive price-performance ratio which is unrivalled in its class
Novatec-PremiumNovatec Premium
The steam gasket. Efficient due to the matrix from aramid and irregular surface bundles of graphite. Set standards as one of the first reliable gasket materials in steam applications. Saturated steam till 250°C / 40 bars
Novapress-MultiNovapress Multi
Novapress Multi datasheet (52kB)
Graphite and aramid fibres with NBR binder. All-round quality material for saturated steam, good chemical resistance against oil, fuel, lubricants, gasses. Saturated steam till 250°C / 40 bars
Novapress UniversalNovapress Multi Fe
The high pressure gasket material for extreme mechanical applications, such as in exhaust pipes or exhaust turbochargers.
The matrix from aramid fibres, NBR binder and special agents is reinforced with a galvanised steel wire insert made from a zig-zag construction (1.0314).
Novapress 815Novapress 815
Unrivalled sealing properties. The gasket material for gases and oils at low temperatures. Even in "light" flange constructions this material composition has an outstanding permeability to gas.
Novapress UniversalNovapress Universal
The all-round material which has set standards. Novapress® Universal is suitable for all applications with increased temperature and pressure applications, even in gaseous and liquid media.

Novapress-ActivNovapress Activ
Novapress® ACTIV combines the proven benefits of an oil-resistant, hard core and very soft cover layers on both sides. The results are outstanding swelling properties in oil as well as excellent mechanical properties. Therefore Novapress® Activ is the perfect solution for transformer applications.
AFM-34AFM 34
Material aramide-fibers, NBR bonded. Allround quality. Good chemical resistance and very gastight.
Novafrom-SKNovafrom SK
As Novapress Multi, with metal inlayer. Special for high temperature and medium pressure, cilinderhead gaskets and exhaustpipes.
Oil-Proof-JointingOil Proof Jointing
Oil paper off vegatable fibers. Special for sealing of oils and petroleum.
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